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Now before we get into the theoretical elements of lead guitar solos, its important that we make sure that youre physically able to execute the concepts that im going to teach you over the course of this series. Check out my free video lessons on my free lessons page. This in depth guitar scale exercises series gives you all the exercises you need to play guitar scales faster and more accurately. How to use the simple pentatonic scale to solo over. Exercise 1 for this exercise we use the pattern 1, however we change the key to a minor. Guitar world summarizes the uses of pentatonics this way. The pentatonic scale is one of the first things we learn on the guitar, and it makes a lot of sense to use this when working on how to play an autumn leaves guitar solo. The major pentatonic scale guitar shapes and theory. Work on smooth position changes rather than outright speed. It tabs out the pentatonic scales in all 12 major and minor keys. The natural minor is the aeolian mode of the relative major scale. Link to guitar pro file of tab for the guitar diminished scale. Its the repeating patterns thing i go on about all the time. The word pentatonic implies that there are five notes in these scales, and that is correct.

Various techniques are used such as bends, slides and hammerons. With pentatonic exercises lessons you will be able to improve your guitar technique for solos. Jan 12, 2018 in this new lesson, darrell braun offers three pentatonic exercises that are designed to increase your speed, accuracy and creativity. The diamond shows the major root and the open circle shows the minor root. Guitar pentatonic scales the 3 types of pentatonic scales, easy to. The last exercise is coming out of playing the minor pentatonic scale as chords. This prevents the exercise creeping into the arpeggio side of your. Blues pentatonic scale exercises every guitarist should know. When you learn this guitar pentatonic scale technique, it opens up a style of dynamic playing that is jaw dropping to say the least. In fact, the pentatonic scale fingerings often have only 2 frets per string, and this allows a great variety of movements that involve more than one string.

How to play the pentatonic scale beginner guitar hq. Christopher will show you all five major pentatonic boxes, how they form an interconnecting pattern across the entire guitar fretboard and how to systematically practice them. I have also included the 5 box patterns you need to learn in order to memorize the scales in all keys. Use these a major pentatonic drills over the a major backing track below. Work with it, try to devise some exercises and different. Link to pdf file of all 5 positions of the minor pentatonic scale. You should try doing it free time try and tap your foot if you can. Thats great if you start out with soloing, in fact its better to stay with that for a while to explore all the possibilities and to really be able to improvise with that one shape. Now that weve broken down the mechanics of the minor pentatonic scale, its time to get creative with it, like we did it earlier with the major and minor scale.

After learning these initial exercises, try to expand upon them and make up your own. The major and minor scales may be musiceducation stalwarts, but they sound a bit academic when used over chord progressions. G major e minor pentatonic scale guitar scales the pentatonic scale is a favorite of many guitarists and its easy to see why. Click here to grab your pentatonic scale chart plus more free. The pentatonic scale is excellent for building speed and dexterity.

Several typical pentatonic blues licks will be used as a starting point to develop your knowledge of the pentatonic scale. Welcome to lesson 3 of the pentatonic scale, pentatonic blues licks. For rock guitar, youll want to learn to play the pentatonic scale, which supplies you with better melodic fodder. After trying many ways of teaching scales to students and moving them on to improvising and soloing, i have developed this exercise ebook to really get to grips with these 5 scale shapes. This lesson is an extract taken from my brand new book soloing school. Here are some free pdfs used to supplement my free video lessons. If these free lessons help you, please donate to keep new.

They include playing 16ths in sets of eight, playing triplets and adding 16th chromatics into your playing. To get around this, knopfler dips into a d harmonic minor scale, which is a d minor scale with a major 7th. Nov 15, 2017 in this new lesson, darrell braun offers three pentatonic exercises that are designed to increase your speed, accuracy and creativity. Guitar scale exercises position changes guitar command. Beginner acoustic guitar lesson tom petty i wont back down. Now, all we need to do to turn this scale or any other scale into a fingerbusting string skipping exercise is rearrange it to include playing on nonadjacent strings. Once youve got a handle on this material dont hesitate to contact anvil guitar instruction to learn how to augment and adapt these licks with notes from the full major and minor scales and with notes from arpeggios as well. There is a lot of discussion about the glory of the caged system. Therefore we move the pattern up four frets so that it starts on the fifth fret.

Clicking here and on the image below will open a pdf file of the guitar major scale chart that prints nicely. Link to free printable guitar scales pdf file with all 5 positions of the guitar diminished scale. If you want to have an overview of the scale then check out these downloadable pdf scale. Link to page dedicated to the guitar diminished scale. The 14 most common and usable guitar scales printable and ready to use 1. More scale exercises for guitar in the first guitar scale exercises lesson, we looked at runs linear, repeating ascendingdescending note patterns that sound great as soloing flourishes and that you can apply to any scale you might learn. The first position e shape its because its the most comfortable shape to play in. Click here to gain instant access to pdf filled with pentatonic scales. A minor pentatonic contains scale degrees 1, b3, 4, 5, and b7. This article and interactive web app help you learn all of the pentatonic scale diagrams. Although the pentatonic scale is not the only scale available for playing rock lead, it is. Talk about the pentatonic scale generally refers to the major. Use my search bar to find exactly what youre looking for. Premium learning minor pentatonic scales pdf ebook.

In this lesson you will be learning some ways to use the pentatonic scale in a solo. These exercises are all shown for the a minor pentatonic scale. Its an old tricked used by solo guitar playersand bass players for that matter. Guitar scales printable charts of the most commonly used scales. For your convenience, i have included a pdf of all the pentatonics. Pentatonic scales for guitar a pentatonic scale has just 5 notes. D major pentatonic scale guitar exercises and beginner lesson. Free pentatonic scales tutorial pentatonic guitar scales. Another way to find material and exercises in a scale is to approach it from chord voicings. Then notate its relative minor scale and its scale degrees. Feb 16, 2018 this minor pentatonic scales ebook is a compilation of 9 years of preparation work teaching guitar to a wide range of abilities. Pentatonic scale picking exercises guitar lessons 365. Pentatonic scales pdf and instructional video guitar. Aug 25, 2019 below, we will look at these exercises and explore one of the many scales going up and down the guitar neck.

The aim of this series is to get all your fingers moving in every possible way around a scale, so youll be ready for any movement a scale. This guitar method is a printable pdf ebook contains 50 exercises with audio. Ive started writing up all the notes i give to guitar students so rather than getting a photocopy of something i wrote in the back of an envelope when i was 19 and figuring all this stuff out myself i can just print off or hyperlink to resources when i need to give stuff out. Below is a download link for the pentatonic scale pdf. Since there are five notes in a pentatonic scale, there are five different forms that we can use to play the scale if we start on each different note. If you havent learned the five pentatonic shapes yet check out. That means using quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and gradually increasing the bpm on your metronome i recommend increments of 5 bpm. Blues pentatonic scale exercises every guitarist should. They are usually the first scales beginner guitarists learn to play. Dec 22, 2016 it is incredible how wide the range of sounds you can pull from a minor pentatonic scale is. The pentatonic scale is a great basis for creating cool alternate picking exercise.

As you will learn, these patterns can be transferred to all keys. Its available on a pc or mac and there is a ipad, iphone and android app ready to go. Ive written down 5 exercises that will help you build up speed but also to get a good grip on your pentatonic scale so you can learn to play them inside out. You will find that most scales encompass 7 notes, this is called a heptatonic scale, the pentatonic scale, however, only encompass 5 notes. In this new lesson, darrell braun offers three pentatonic exercises that are designed to increase your speed, accuracy and creativity. His friendly guitar lessons helped me to learn guitar with speed and confidence through the songs that i love. Label the scale degrees of the major pentatonic scales. The minor pentatonic scale is usually what people mean when they simply say the pentatonic scale as it works well over any chord. Guitar scales printable charts of the most commonly used. What follows is a series of examples that use the minor pentatonic scale in a classic rock situation with some of the more common techniques, such as string bending. Sep 22, 2015 take a couple minutes to memorize this scale pattern before moving on to the workout. How to play the pentatonic scale on guitar dummies. Jan 22, 20 once youve got a good technique and finger dexterity everything you play becomes easier from rhythm playing to soloing and everything in between. Darrell uses the a minor pentatonic scale for these exercises.

The aeolian mode natural minor is the 6th mode of the. You can think of this as playing the scale on 3 strings at the same time. You can get more diagrams in the tuning of your choice by using my interactive web app here. For this chapter we will be considering minor pentatonic only. These are the five forms of a c major pentatonic scale or an a minor pentatonic scale.

Learn the pentatonic scale on the guitar with this online guitar lesson from six string country. The guitar major pentatonic scale has a bright sound that is just right for country. Cs relative minor pentatonic scale, a minor pentatonic, begins on the 6 th scale degree of the major pentatonic scale shown above. High quality videos and music sheets in pdf and gpx included.

A lot of guitar players use only one pentatonic position shape. More than 44 exercises to develop speed and accuracy with pdf attachments. The pentatonic scales are a staple of modern rock, blues and pop music. Major pentatonic drills fundamental changes music book. Remember, these can be applied to any scale, including pentatonic scales although. The minor pentatonic scale by paul tauterouff the minor pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly scales used in rock, blues, country and jazz music. Well, sure, i wish i knew or was taught it 40 years ago when i started playing. The a minor pentatonic comes from the natural minor scale. By learning the examples in this article you will gain dexterity as well as fretboard fluency within the a major pentatonic scale. Free printable guitar scales 14 most commonly used scales. This video is on 3 exercises and some licks showing how to make some great modern sounds with a simple a minor pentatonic scale.

If you have chosen a scale other than the one that is used in these exercises which is number three hundred twenty six3 in the pentatonic scale compendium, often referred to as the major 326 or minor 330 pentatonic scale4, play the shapes found in the exercises, but replace the. Pentatonic and blues scales covers the essential guitar theory for the minor pentatonic scale, major pentatonic scale and the blues scale and highlights the characteristics of each scale with useful licks and exercises. The pentatonic scale is use primarily used for soloing. After chromatic exercises i always have my newer students doing pentatonic drills to keep warm ups interesting. You will use each pentatonic box to play 2 types of scale exercises, at two different tempos along with backing tracks. Three pentatonic exercises every guitarist should know. This printable pdf method provides 101 dominant arpeggio exercises with tab, theory and standard notation for the jazz, blues and rock guitarist. I have been a student at the london guitar academy for two years now, and right from the start i was astonished by how.

Pentatonic guitar magic how to use the simple pentatonic scale to solo over chords from blues to rock tojazz. The guitar major scale is happy upbeat and useful in a variety of styles of music. Pentatonic exercises improve your guitar technique. The lesson goal the material i cover is going to give you some new. Major scale 5 pos system condensed major scale 5 pos. To figure out where to place the scale boxes you need to look to the blue notes. The way i am demonstrating the pentatonic scale on autumn leaves in this lesson is as a 5 note scale that we can use to get the sound of the chord across. Above you see the scale boxes for the minor pentatonic scale as they progress up the guitar neck. This is normal, because the notes are positioned differently in the minor pentatonic scale then in the major pentatonic scale.

Once learned, the player can immediately start improvising rock guitar. So first well talk through some of the ways you can go about this, and then well trade 4s again with the rock backing track and have some fun with it. After you have the basics of how these scales are played, creating your own technique exercises is pretty easy. Bonus pdf chart youtube a better way to learn major pentatonic on guitar duration. You will learn pentatonic scale, pentatonic blues scale and technical exercises to develop guitar licks and speed. These are not lessons, but supplements to my lessons. Pentatonic scales pdf and instructional video the pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale that is widely used in rock, blues, country, and other genres. In a previous blog post, play guitar solo in any key without learning notes the 5 major scale patterns, we showed you how its possible to learn the patterns or shapes of any major scale without necessarily memorising the name of the notes being played. In fact, around 95% of guitar players dont even know the other 3 boxes. Guitar scale patterns for every occasion with pentatonic scales, major. Pentatonic scale shape exercises around the fretboard.

As soon as you are, you should put on the metronome and play along, and then slowly speed the tempo up. There is a very powerful secret in this ebook that most dont know about. Nov 30, 2015 guitar scale exercises 1 click to enlarge position changing exercise 2 guitar scale exercises 2 click to enlarge play the exercises with a metronome. The root notes a in these examples are circled so that you can learn their locations. The pdf is for members only, so youll need to login to download it. He is always available for private lessons in the santa barbara area or world wide via skype. You will never be at a loss of what notes to play when. Intermediate guitar lesson pentatonic scale picking exercises. Play through the full a major pentatonic scale shape ascending and descending using alternate picking.

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